Dr Hops Kombucha Beer. Tart, aromatic, grain-free, probiotic, 8-10% abv.

The Health-Conscious Alcohol Revolution

Dr Hops Kombucha Beer


Cultured, Probiotic Teas

Hopped Up by a Couple Crafty California Brewers



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What?  Health-conscious alcohol?  Yes.  And a lifestyle to go with it.

Starting with water from California's High Sierra mountains, we take whole-leaf organic tea, a blend of raw, organic sugars, and the very best fruits, herbs, ginger, spices and hops, and craft a beverage that's naturally gluten-free, probiotic, and 5-10% alcohol.

Incredibly fresh, delightful to drink, and packed with health-enhancing nutrients.




Core Product Lineup:


8.6% abv

The Velveteen Rabbit

Floral aromas and pleasing raspberry.  A wash of enlivening ginger.  Balanced sweet/sour, a hint of spice, and a fascinating farmhouse finish.  


5.2% abv

The Lop

Herbal and spice aromas, pomegranate.  A tantalizing new type of citrus.  Balanced sourness, a celebratory spice, and a masterful, fresh orchard finish. 

9.6% abv

The Jackalope

Herbal and floral aromas, fresh lime.  A torrent of fiery ginger.  Citric and lactic tartness, a hint of mint, and a fun-loving farmhouse finish. 


5.2% abv


"Punches you in the face" freshness.  Fields of fresh basil and lemongrass.  A touch of tart, enlivening ginger and an air-born twitch of delightful tartness. 



Proud to be leading the charge for delightful, health-conscious alcoholic beverages.

About Us


We are a group of highly-committed, life-honoring creators.  Inspired by yoga, craft beer, herb gardens, mushrooms, mountains and more, we're on a mission to contribute to all of life on this planet earth.  On the most basic of levels, we just want to love what we drink, AND feel great the next day.  :-)


Joshua grew up equally in Maine and California.  He has experience in food, beverage, branding, and transformative education.  He embodies a commitment to community, excellence, and fun and serves as the managing director for Dr Hops.

Tommy grew up in California with a love for microbiology.  He has a special talent for both kombucha and beer brewing and is undeniably on a quest for ever more tantalizing alcoholic fermentations.  Tommy is the inspired brewer at the heart of Dr Hops.

Janelle grew up in California.  She has experience in accounting, business management, and law.  With her profound commitment to community, family, and operating with integrity, Janelle serves as legal counsel for Dr Hops.

Steve resides in Maine and is focused on living harmoniously with nature.  His career encompasses commercial banking, project financing, business ownership & management, venture investing, environmental protection, and community building.  Steve serves as a guide and investor for Dr Hops.

Team photos coming soon!

Comes from good people.
— Kate



Love begins with fully (and radically) accepting people and circumstances exactly the way that they are and exactly the way that they’re not.  This is not giving up.  It takes great courage and integrity.  Standing in “all is perfect”, we lovingly give ourselves over to that which inspires, touches, moves, and fulfills us.


We recognize and appreciate the interconnectedness of all things.  We strive to be empowering and honoring to all of earth’s creatures.  We foster open communication, collaboration, and a team-oriented dynamic.  And we are deeply grateful for the opportunity and fully accept whatever we get.


Creating something good is worthwhile.  Creating something awesome is divine.  We are out to awe, amaze, inspire, delight, and fulfill.  For this we must constantly innovate.  For this we must lead and create.  For this we must tap into the true, unfathomable, power that lies within us all, and just let that sh*t flow.


We stand for a world that works, where people trust each other, work together and thrive in community.  For this we need Integrity: Nothing hidden, being open and honest.  Doing what we say we will, what we know to do, and what others expect of us.  And when we fall short, dealing with the impact and cleaning it up.  :-)




Join our beverage revolution.

We are just getting started and are building our team.  This is an awesome time to partner up with us!  We are especially interested in:

  • Financial partners with a passion for authentic beverages and brands
  • Brewers with a love for kombucha and some serious can-do drive
  • Business administrators with a knack for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Yoga & fitness partners for epic events and collaborations
  • Urban farming partners to help us set up our growing operations
  • Great east bay real estate for our life-enhancing business
  • Sales accounts that are a match for our products and values

Regardless of whether you fit here or not, if you have a passion for life, a love for the earth, and a gift for making things happen, let's talk. 


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